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Get total peace of mind before parting with your hard-earned cash. 
There are several different pre-purchase checks to choose from depending on the type of vehicle you are looking at buying.
Some free resources for you from a comprehensive Getting Started to a Fact Sheet on Batteries
Our gallery showing work we've done for clients.

Self Containment

Standards New Zealand

A very handy page that will assist you with converting your vehicle to self contained standards
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Jayne: Christchurch
Julia: Mt Maunganui
Simon: Rangiora

1975 Bedford Motorhome

Pre-Purchase Check

2006 Paramount Caravan

Peter has done a few jobs on my Motorhome now: a built-in box at the end of my luton bed, installed a solar panel and put in some nice modern 12v lights, installed a gas alarm, installed a new ceiling vent and also replaced the leaky vents over the luton with a nice sheet of non-leaky alluminium. He has some great ideas for other improvements which I'm looking forward to implementing.
Hi Peter, Just looked at your site, it looks great and very informative. I would just like to say that the report you completed for me on a motor home in Christchurch was fantastic. It covered EVERYTHING and saved us the cost of a trip down. Keep looking for me, one has to come up soon. Thanks Regards Julia
Thanks for a very detailed report. It's amazing what you miss when you don't know what you're looking for.